I love it!

I recently purchased your MediStraw and loved it so much that I bought 4 more for other family members. Now I don’t suffer from the fear and embarrassment of choking while trying to take a simple vitamin.

Bill W.

A friendly introduction

Our family recently made the difficult decision to place our mother in a nursing home. She is 81 years old and has suffered with a dry mouth in her old age. Knowing that she may be taking medications, we were deeply concerned about her condition. A friend introduced us to the MediStraw and we made sure that our mother had one to use in her new environment. She really loved how it made pill taking so easy. Soon the nursing staff were asking about the MediStraw and how to get them. Thank you for such a wonderful device and the peace of mind it brings to us.

Jessica W.
New York

It’s about time…

It’s about time someone came up with a product like the MediStraw. I have struggled with taking pills for over 40 years. Everyday I try to swallow my daily medication only to choke and usually gag the pill back up. I am 64 years old and take 8 different pills every day that would sometimes take me 6 hours to get all down. I found the MediStraw through a friend and now I take all my pills in a matter of minutes without gagging. This is an amazing little device that is so simple to use. Life is so much more enjoyable now.

Harold T.

Nothing Short of Magical

As a mother of three children that all have allergies, I am constantly struggling to get them to take their medications. A friend in our allergy support group told me about the MediStraw and I ordered some right away, mostly out of desperation. I am a little skeptical when it comes to new “gadgets” but I am a believer now. The MediStraw is nothing short of Magical. It works so well that my kids take their medications with no fuss at all now. Thank you so much for less stress in my life.

Michelle W.
South Carolina

A common problem

A common problem at the clinic I work at is the number of patients who do not take medications properly, mostly out of a general fear of swallowing a dry pill. The clinic purchased some of your MediStraws and the feedback from patients who suffer from pill anxiety has been amazing. We now recommend the MediStraw to all our patients who have any fear of swallowing pills.

Dr. S. Barrenger

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