A First Ever Nationwide Survey Found…

40% of American Adults Experience Difficulty Swallowing Pills…

is the solution

  • Simple to use

  • Eliminates Gagging/Choking

  • Doctor Approved

  • For Adults and Children

  • Handy Storage Case

  • Dishwasher Safe

Take It… E-Z

The Medi+Straw eliminates the difficulty many experience swallowing medications, drugs, prescriptions, vitamins, and food supplements in pill form. Its unique design incorporates the same actions that occur naturally in the mouth and throat when eating food or drinking liquid. By utilizing these key elements, the Medi+Straw changes the once challenging task of taking meds into a simple and anxiety free experience.
Extensive testing has been done in the development of the Medi+Straw by health care professionals in clinical settings… and by ordinary people in the course of everyday life. It is an easy to use product for young and old alike.

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