For some time, pills have been a common method for taking medication, and more recently, vitamins and health supplements. Thought to be a relatively modern invention, pills have been around since the 1840’s. William Upjohn improved them in 1884 to become the common form we find today.

One thing has not changed since that time. Many people still have trouble swallowing pills. According to historical records, the first pill swallowing device was invented in 1890. Other devices have been tried since then with little success. The problem with these early devices is the need to tilt the head back to wash pills down the throat. This actually increases the gag reflex that leads to swallowing difficulties.

All Choked Up… When a gag is not funny.

Our research has increased our awareness of this problem that many people face everyday. We were surprised to learn that the world of technology has contributed little help in easing this problem. We found this problem to be bigger than we had imagined. According to a first-ever nationwide survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 40% of American adults have experienced difficulty swallowing pills, although few of these have any trouble swallowing food or liquid when eating. Although children were not included in the survey, our experience suggests that just as many children have the same problem.

Of those taking the survey, 14% delayed taking their medication, 8% skipped a dose, and 4% stopped taking their medication. Less than 25% of these people ever discussed this problem with their doctor. About 20%, suffered with some anxiety over the experience of swallowing pills.

As we looked at all the mechanical and emotional aspects of pill swallowing difficulties, we discovered some amazing things that we have incorporated into a very simple solution – the Medi+Straw.

The Solution

Most people that have pill swallowing difficulties have no trouble swallowing in the course of eating and drinking. The solution to pill swallowing is “going with the flow” or working with the way we swallow naturally. Using a drinking straw is something that all adults and most children down to toddler age can do. Research has shown that the swallowing reflex is triggered automatically by pursing the lips, as when drinking with a straw or drinking from a soda bottle. This action also “fools” the gag reflex which can be oversensitive in some people. With this information, we have devised a way to introduce a pill into the middle of this process so that it can be swallowed easily, with little or no feeling at all.

This is what the Medi+Straw does. By design, the Medi+Straw allows the head to remain level, holds the pill in preparation for swallowing, provides an accelerated fluid stream to carry the pill into the mouth, starts the sucking action that triggers the swallowing reflex, and “fools” the gag response. Since the pill is surrounded by fluid, “after-taste” is reduced or eliminated, also, The Medi+Straw has been tested extensively in health care environments and household settings and has been found it to function reliably and consistently. We believe the Medi+Straw to be a product of great value to those that suffer with pill swallowing difficulties.

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